Named one of the Best Baking Books of 2017 by The New York Times!

video shot by Ben Fink, edited by Dana Huiras of Optimus

A lot of recipes tell you how to do something, but I like to know why I'm doing it!

My book, The Fearless Baker, is full of simple secrets for baking like a pro. I think if you understand the whys behind a recipe, you can be fearless in the kitchen: you can bake anything you want, tweak ideas to suit your whims, and even create your own recipes the way I do! Inside, you'll find:

  • Detailed descriptions of techniques, including baking methods + killer decor tips from basic to advanced.
  • 150+ recipes ranked from easy to hard that include easy to understand details of exactly how they work.
  • TONS of photographs and informational line drawings to get you inspired in the kitchen!

The book is available now!!

You can order it from any of these retailers:

Praise for The Fearless Baker:

"When I learned that Erin McDowell was writing her first baking book, my immediate response was YES! [Herwriting style is so friendly, fun, and unpretentious it makes baking more approachable than ever. It is inspiring to see the fine and exciting work of this prize representative of the new generation of bakers." - from the foreword by Rose Levy Beranbaum

"For years we've been the beneficiaries of the sky-high cakes and dreamy pies Erin has whipped up for Food52, and we're so delighted she's sharing her baking gifts in The Fearless Baker. Her 6-layer Dame's Rocket Cake and diagonal lattice crust are in our future! - Amanda Hesser + Merrill Stubbs, co-founders of Food52

"Fearlessness in the kitchen is usually born of a tremendous amount of trial and error, burnt cookies, and dirty dishes. This book is not a shortcut on the road to fearlessness, but it's a plainly spoken guide to why ingredients do what they do, along side a very welcome kitchen pep talk. All the tools to lend a good amount of confidence in the kitchen, plus Salted Caramel." - Joy Wilson, author + blogger, Joy the Baker

"Erin’s fierce understanding of the science of baking makes her one of the most trustworthy bakers that I know. She is a wealth of knowledge who can explain in detail every different method of baking cake, why one method works better for a specific flavor than another, which components can be made ahead of time, and why shortening is sometimes the best way to go. But what’s even more special is that she does it all with the exact kind of friendliness and warmth that you want when you’re about to tackle laminated dough or French macarons for the first time. The recipes here are as encouraging and thorough as they are beautiful and delicious. This book is an absolute must-have for bakers of all levels." - Molly Yeh, author + blogger, My Name is Yeh